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Salmarcon A.Ş. is leading specialist in the manufacture and supply of high quality industrial sealing products, fluid control, gaskets, bolts, nuts, stud bolds, washers and associated services in Turkey. Our factory is in Çanakkale, an area is where the most important Technologies for the industrial materials and products have been enhanced. Our products are used within a wide range of industrial sectors; including oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, pulp and paper, power generation, transportation, food applications,steel, heating systems and original equipment manufacturers.

We are the main distributor for global sealing manufacturers such as Klinger, FMI in Turkey. We are also in the international and local market with our own brand Salmarcon. We are supplying a large variety of the packing materials, the sealing compounds, gasket sheets, fire proof gaskets, cutted gaskets, fasteners, insulating materials and insulating gaskets.

Salmarcon team is committed to delivering high quality service, which exceeds the expectation of our customers. We have industry leading experts in sealing technology, who are able to offer their knowledge and experience to deliver solutions to complex sealing problems. If requires, we can represent our clients in their customer visit and work on their behalf as a technical consultant. During suppliying our products and servises we follow ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.



We produce and supply environmentally-friendly sealing raw materials and products for industrial sector with the highest quality and safety standards in local and international market. Provide the particular products with technical specifications according to customer requirements and deliver them fastest. We ensure long-term satisfaction of our employees and our customers, continuous development of our company and growth in our target market.


Salmarcon’s vision is to meet the highest level of technical demands and expectations of the industrial sector, supply and produce the high quality gaskets and sealing products and become one of the leading company in global market. Ensure total customer satisfaction without compromising quality. Contribute more conscious perspective regarding the importance of quality of sealing products to industrial sector through our experienced engineers know how and experiences.


  • Customised Solutions
  • On time delivery
  • Technical know how
  • Professional Team
  • High quality products
  • Up to date
  • Trustable business
  • Quality Customer service
  • Training your team