KLINGER Adam Deliği (Manhole) Contası

Type KP-600/C-3 and Type PSM-300/C-2. Ready-to-fit oval manhole gasket made of graphite with tanged stainless steel foil reinforcements of AISI 316 SS.


Expanded and precompressed pure graphite with high adaptability to the flange faces, reinforced by 2 or 3 tanged metal foils made of stainless steel AISI 316 SS.

Applicable for temperatures up to approx. 450°C and pressure up to 60 bar – 100% resistant against steam.

In an inert atmosphere (no admission of oxygen) even suitable for higher temperatures.

No curing

No curing elastomeres, no additional filler, no fibres sensitive to hydrolysis.

Surfaces – No adhesion

The surface finish of the gasket is such that the surface has an extremely low adhesion. The gasket rings easily can be removed and the sealing faces are easy to clean. On request a special anti stick coating (A/S) is possible.

User and producer of boiler and plants waited over years for this gasket!

Finally there is a gasket meeting the special and difficult demands handholes and manholes.


  • No additional thickness loss under load and temperature
  • Excellent adaptability to the sealing surfaces
  • Outstanding micro-sealing
  • Very good applicable for steam and hot water at high temperatures
  • Chemically resistant against many media
  • Unlimited starability
  • Applicable for all hand-head and manhole closing devices according to TRD 401


Approvals and certificates

Please contact us for further information about certificates and approvals of our products.

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